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Mitel Phone System Equipment Online

Well, as promised, Mitel SX-50 and SX-200 phone system equipment is now online.

We also have the Mitel 4000-series Supersets available at wholesale prices.

I was going to make some witty comment about how Mitel’s stock price probably increased as a result of these additions, but since Mitel’s a private company (nice to be a billionaire eh, Sir Terence?), no witticisms of that nature are forthcoming today.

Regardless, I hope you all enjoy your respective Thursdays.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

We’ve been selling Mitel phones for years through our dedicated hospitality division Hotel Telecom. While we dominate the search engines when people are looking for hotel phones, we’ve been focusing on making our main Telephone Magic Inc. website work as effectively as possible.

We’ll be adding Mitel’s SX-200, SX-100, SX-50 and SX-20 information to our websites shortly.

As Rafiki said in the Lion King – “It is time.”

I’ll keep you up to date as it happens…

As a side note…

The customer mentioned in the previous post had 6 analog ports available on his PBX.

If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to use the analog long range cordless phones as they would have been incompatible with the digital PBX.

Solution: digital-analog adapters. There are a couple of options.

Most phone systems have Analog Terminal Adapters (like Nortel’s ATA2). These are a good option, but another option is the EnGenius digital to analog adapter.

Just another idea for everyone who needs to add analog equipment to a digital phone system. This will work for fax machines, answering machines etc.

Interesting long range phone application

An interesting application we came up with today.

Customer has two factory buildings about 1000 feet apart. Main building has a phone system, second building doesn’t – and there is no phone service to the second building at all. Customer wants to have 8 phones installed in the second building that are extensions of his existing phone system.

Solution: Six Voyager long range cordless phones (Alpha CL-2200XP with Caller ID), two 11dB directional Yagi roof antennae and two 3-way antenna combiners.

Here’s how this works:

The customer has a PBX system already with six analog ports available. The six Voyager Alpha base units plug into the analog ports, so there is one digital extension per long range phone system. Three base units are plugged into the 3-way antenna combiner and attached to one of the 11dB Yagi antenna. Each Yagi antenna is pointed in the direction of the second building.

The Voyager long range cordless phone handsets and chargers are located in the second building. The signal strength of the Voyager base units combined with the Yagi antenna is sufficient to reach each of the handsets in the second building, providing complete cordless mobility in the second building, while keeping each handset an extension of the main PBX.

This solution saves the customer money in the long run, because there is no need for a second PBX or monthly phone service in the second building.

Why did we select a Voyager solution instead of an EnGenius system? Primarily because of the Yagi antenna available with the Voyager system, as well as the option to add a signal booster to each antenna if the signal wasn’t sufficient for some reason. However, since the second building’s only 1000 feet away, the directional signal provided by the Yagi antenna should be just fine.