Monthly Archives: August 2006

Ocean’s 13 Movie "Supporting Role" played by Telephone Magic Scitec Hotel Phones

One of the fun things around the office is hearing who sold what to who.

Recently, Dorothy was contacted by the set people for the new Ocean’s 13 movie who wanted Scitec hotel phones to dress their sets. The phones were shipped and are hopefully in filming now. I hope they remember their lines…

That’s cool, for us anyway!

Telephone Magic has sold to all kinds of companies – governments, military agencies, police, fire, ambulance services, Fortune 500 and thousands of other companies but it’s neat to hear that phones we sell might wind up in what to us is a high-profile role. Hey – if one of our phones is pressed against George Clooney’s ear for a few moments in the film, that’ll be great. Okay, it wouldn’t be so bad to be seen being used by Brad Pitt or Matt Damon either. Do they have enough star-power in this film?

Unfortunately, Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta-Jones won’t be gracing the screen this time. Oh to be a phone pressed against one of those ladies’ ears…


Anyway, if you’re looking for wholesale hotel phones, keep Telephone Magic on your mind!

Unbundling the Bundled CS70

The new Plantronics CS70 wireless headset is the newest wireless headset to hit the market. I was really happy when this came out because it was ONLY offered as a bundle with the HL10 handset lifter. Frankly, if you’re going to buy a cordless headset, you’re missing the best part of having one if you don’t get the lifter to go with it. What’s the point of having a cordless headset if you can’t answer the phone when you’re away from your desk?

But then again, what if you’re upgrading and already have a handset lifter?

Fear not – Plantronics has announced that the CS70 will now be offered UNBUNDLED. So you can feel free to upgrade from your old CS10 wireless headset to the new CS70 without having to purchase an additional handset lifter.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade today!