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On Hold Messages from Telephone Magic are produced for your business phone system – why does your business need one?

Here’s 5 GREAT REASONS why you should MARKET YOUR BUSINESS and provide TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE with a MESSAGE ON HOLD system from Telephone Magic:

USB digital On Hold Message Player

1. Keep your customers informed

While waiting for your staff to pick up their call, On Hold Messages will inform your customers about the latest news, weather, and updates from your brand – new products, services, messages and more. This is achieved using pre-recorded messages on your message-on-hold system. It’s also a good way to make sure the customer doesn’t hang up during long wait periods. 

2. Keep them entertained

Some businesses playback jokes and social messages while customers are on hold; this helps entertain the customer and has a positive effect on your brand image. It also ensures that the customer won’t hesitate to call if they have an issue, because they know they will be entertained while waiting.

3. Keep them busy while they wait

Customers get impatient while waiting for staff to take a call – businesses can use this wait time to prompt the customer about pending tasks such as paying a bill or verifying an account – things like this engage the customer while they wait and portray your business as efficient and professional.

4. Promote your business

Message on hold systems are great for promoting your business – let the customer know about all the good things going on in your company – new products and services, new marketing ideas, events and promos. This provides engagement as well as marketing conversion value.

5. Create a big-business impression (small businesses)

Small businesses can also cash-in on the benefits of message-on-hold systems by creating a big-business impression, which helps portray a small business as professionally and credibly as possible.

To learn more about Telephone Magic’s cost-effective On Hold Message system hardware and customized message productions Call us TOLL-FREE @ 1.855.929.9199 for a complimentary quotation.

On Hold Messages Made Easy for Your Business

We get asked all the time for reliable digital hardware for our clients message on hold applications “Is there something out there that we can use and forget about in between message changes?” ~ In a nutshell, “Yes”.

Message On Hold productions come in a wide variery of forms and quality ~ Telephone Magic offers professional scripting, announcing, and studio engineering.

When it comes to hardware, it has come a long way from the early days of cassette tape decks with continuous loop tapes. Once the hardware went digital a cassette simply downloaded itself to the memory of the hardware and “voila” your message was up and running. These units are still in use today with few, if any, issues.

Now the convenience factor and the latest technology has created a USB key version On Hold Message digital announcer. This system allows you to get your message productions emailed to you. From there it’s a simple “drag and drop” of the file to your USB key and once you plug the key back into the unit at the phone system, everything is taken care of for you.

The USB 1100 is a digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback. Audio is stored on a removable USB Flash drive and plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of the audio is easily done by “dragging and dropping” mp3 file(s) without the use of special software. Audio files can now be emailed to clients without the need to mail or ship physical media.

Standard MP3 Playback: MP3 audio is widely recognized as a popular audio compression format. You can use MP3 files with sampling rates from 32 to 256 kbps, depending on the quality you require. No additional software is required to load MP3 files to the USB flash drive. Select one of six tracks or “play all” by pressing the Play Mode button on the side of the unit.

Electronic Delivery – Very user friendly! – The process of receiving message on-hold updates is easy! Simply remove the USB flash drive from the unit, and plug into the USB port of a computer. Audio files are a “drag and drop” transfer from the computer into the USB flash drive. Plug the flash drive back into the USB 1100 for instant audio playback.

Your on hold message producer can simply e-mail you the files for your message-on-hold updates. Save the MP3 file to the USB flash drive and load it into the USB 1100 – quick and easy!

Commercial-Strenth Hardware: The USB 1100 is intended for use in business applications that include message-on-hold and in-store music / announcements.

The system has a constant power source and the solid-state memory will re-boot the audio playback automatically after a power outage. No more need to reset the unit when the power’s been out!

The durable aluminum case can withstand rugged phone room conditions and reduces possible RF interference. The compact design and visible flanges ensure an easy installation on the phone room system’s wall.

Volume & Tone Control: Two different outputs are designed to provide adequate volume for any phone system. You can also adjust desired bass and treble levels.

Technology and convenience in a compact easy to use format, all at a reasonable one-time price. Nothing could be easier… If you wish to gain some professional scripting and production assistance, don’t hesitate to call Telephone Magic @ 905.356.9199.