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Businesses Have Their Own Private Social Network!

Most people probably don’t realize that long before the explosion of Social Networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn (for business networking) every business to some extent already had their OWN social network – their business phone system.

Indeed, the business phone system links together everyone in a business and allows for communication between all members of this “community” via intercom. Furthermore, every time a speed dial number to a client or supplier is added to the business phone system, this private and very much unique social network grows by extension. As with a Facebook type social network, each of these added contacts to a phone system directory has their own set of unique contacts (both internally and externally), that may or may not eventually impact your own phone system network.

When you think of your business phone system in these terms you really start to understand the true importance of this key component of business equipment. Whether it be an IP capable system such as the Avaya IP Office phone platform or a more basic line such as the Nortel Norstar phone system, As your “social” network grows so does your business!

Enjoy your day and take full advantage of YOUR private business social network. 😉

Telephone Magic goes Facebook…

For everyone following our Social Networking experiment, here is our company Facebook listing:

My personal listing, including some photos of my son, dog, boat, oh yes and even me:

As per my profile:
“The grasp of social networking has taken a turn for the worse… it dragged me in too!”

Nortel Companion Batteries in High Demand

Boy do we ever sell a ton of Nortel Companion handset batteries! I really think we should give this item it’s own page on the Telephone Magic website as they sell like hot cakes.

I guess on one hand it IS understandable – Nortel sold an incredible volume of the Companion Cordless Phone System in Canada. In fact, at one point Canadian companies didn’t have any real choice – if they wanted wireless/cordless phones as an add-on to the Norstar phone system platform, they had to purchase the Companion system.

The great thing is our Companion handset battery fits both the 3050 and 3060 Companion handset models so it is a universal solution. For Canadian businesses with the Companion wireless system we offer quick turn-around of your orders and, more importantly, we also ship directly from Ontario, Canada, so there are no exchange or customs brokerage fees to pay.

Telephone Magic also ships Companion batteries directly within the US for any Nortel clients
trying to maintain this wireless business phone system platform.

Fans of the Companion wireless system are able to buy replacement 3050 and 3060 handsets and batteries wholesale-direct from Telephone Magic. In these tough ecenomic times that means this previously installed technology remains in play, saving a huge investment in a replacement system.

Canadian businesses have their own Telecom Portal

Just a quick note to make sure all of our Canadian friends realize that when they need Nortel Norstar phones, Norstar phone headsets, or any other Norstar phone system hardware, module, or part, we have a site right here in Canada for you. While we have been serving the Canadian market for 20 years with Norstar and Meridian phone equipment, our web site for these business clients was incepted less than two years ago.

We carry many of the most popular business phone system lines and now specialize in the Avaya phone platform. If you need a call recording system – we have it. If you require an On Hold
Message system – we carry the latest digital players. We have just about every necessary business telecom product – right here in Canada – so be sure to visit our direct Canadian telecom portal.