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More conference phone battery woes

On the heels of Polycom’s problems with the SoundStation 2W battery comes a similar issue with ClearOne.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the problem:

Rechargeable Battery Packs Sold with MAX Wireless Conference Phones Recalled for Burn Hazard

These battery packs can short circuit, causing them to overheat and melt the protective plastic covering, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

The battery is included as a power source for the MAX Wireless Conference Phone Models 910-158-001 and 910-158-070. The model number can be located on the product ID label placed on the underside of the MAX Wireless Conference Phone Pod. The phone is black, six-sided and has a domed speaker in the center. “ClearOne Max” is written on the top of the phone. The recalled battery pack is green. The battery pack is located in the battery compartment on the underside of the MAX phone pod. The recall involves the TWD rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack with model number TH-AA2200. The battery pack’s model number “TH-AA2200,” “TWD NI-MH Battery,” and “7.2v AA2200mAH” are printed on the side of the battery. The battery pack is also sold separately.

Consumers should stop using these phones with recalled battery packs immediately and contact ClearOne Communications for a free replacement battery pack.

For additional information, contact ClearOne Communications at (800) 283-5936 select Option# 5 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. MST or visit the firm’s web site at

So, when this happened with Polycom’s SoundStation 2W, we recommended the ClearOne Max Wireless. I suppose now that Clearone’s having these problems with the MAX, we can always recommend the Konftel 60W wireless conference unit