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Hotel Room Telephones – Teledex iPhone A Series

Teledex has long been the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Their latest series of one and two-line analog room phones are stylish and have the option of being quite colorful (see below) to match the decor of just about any guest room. The great thing is you can now buy them wholesale from HOTELtelecom.

Great Looks. Outstanding Quality. The Teledex iPhone™ A100/200 analog series combines a fresh new look with legendary Teledex qualilty and reliability. Suitable for virtually any type of hotel, iPhone™ A series boasts graceful, sculpted curves that accent a comfortable, familiar user interface. Modern, tech-inspired lines surround what’s inside: the industry’s most reliable, feature-rich telephone.

Configure it How You Need it.

The Teledex iPhone A Series is flexible enough to fit any hotel or motel needs. They are vailable with up to ten guest service buttons, in single or two-line models, and with or without speakerphone.
Industry Leading Quality – There’s a reason there are more Teledex phones in guest rooms worldwide than any other: Quality. Your Teledex phones are built to last, and work the same on day 1,000 as they do on day one. So you can forget about your guest room phones, and concentrate on other things.

Click on the photos or links here for more information on each model of Teledex iPhone A Series:
Teledex iPhone A Guestroom Phones
Teledex iPhon A210S Guestroom Speakerphone
Teledex iPhone A205S Guestroom Speakerphone
Teledex iPhon A110S single-line guestroom speakerphone
Teledex iPhone A110 guestroom phone
Teledex iPhone A105 Guestroom Phone
Teledex iPhone A103 Guestroom Phone
Teledex iPhone A102 hotel phone
Teledex iPhone A101 lobby phone
Teledex iPhone A100 hotel phone

Hotel Telecom is one of Teledex’s top distributors. You owe it to your business to contact us first for your hotel guestroom requirements!

Add Color To Your Hotel Guest Rooms!

Teledex iPhone A series phones are available in Black or Ash, and now in your choice of eight standard colors (shown below). This way you can choose an iPhone A Series set to match your room design, and add a little flair to your guest rooms!
Click the color phones here to see a larger image.Certain volume restrictions apply related to the color iPhone A Series telephone sets. For ordering information, CALL US DIRECTLY at 905-356-9199.
iPhone A iSeries blue
iPhone A iSeries blrown
iPhone A iSeries orange
iPhone A iSeries warm grey
      Warm Grey
iPhone A iSeries steel grey
       Steel Grey
iPhone A iSeries green
iPhone A iSeries burgundy red
iPhone A iSeries taupe

Call 905-356-9199 to get a quote on Teledex Hotel Phones!