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Business Phone Systems: Niagara Clients Receive up to $2,500 Trade-In Credit!

Telephone Magic Inc. is fast approaching its’ 30th Anniversary of telecom excellence. To celebrate, we have created a phenomenal business phone system promotion with NEC!

NEC SV9100 business phone system, voice mail, and accessories

It’s time to emerge from the communications Dark Ages with a new Smartphone Integrated NEC telephone server!

When you trade in your tired, old Nortel Norstar (or other legacy brand) business phone system, you will receive up to $2,500 towards the purchase of a new NEC phone and voice mail server.

Come out of the communications DARK AGES and get features such as Smartphone Integration with voice mail to email, mobile extension, multi-line client Apps (Android and Apple), Call Recording, and much more.

Telephone Magic Inc. is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary and for a limited time we are offering a FREE, no-obligation Site Surveyfor local clients ($100 value) and FREE Professional Auto Attendant Greetings ($349 value) for new system purchases. Other options include Battery Back-Up, a 5-Year extended hardware warranty, and customized On Hold Messages.

NEC SV9100 phones close up pictures

NEC phones offer a sleek and sophisticated user interface with large displays and easy access to the many features you use every day.

This package enters “too good to be true” status with NEC providing nationwide “Below Prime” financing, which ensures you won’t have ANY up-front costs at all when you replace your old office telephone system!

Call is TODAY in Niagara at 905-356-9199 or Toll-Free at 1-855-929-9199 to arrange an complimentary appointment. We will quickly evaluate your EXACT requirements and provide you with everything you need to break free from 1980’s technology and join the Hybrid IP revolution with NEC.

Nik Wallenda walks over Niagara Falls!

Way to #WalkTheWire, Nik!

Just a few blocks from our offices at Telephone Magic and Hotel Telecom, Nik Wallenda made history tonight, walking across a high wire over Niagara falls!

Wire walking over Niagara Falls was outlawed in 1890, and many thought this day would never come, but a couple of months ago Nik Wallenda received permission to attempt the feat.

This was the first time in history that a wire walk was actually performed over the Falls. Previous attempts were made farther down the lower Niagara River or lower in the Niagara gorge. Wallenda had his wire about 20 stories above the Niagara River and walked right over the American Falls and all the way to the Niagara Parkway on the Canadian side.

Nik Wallenda is from the famous first family of funambulists. The signature performance of the group in the 1940’s was the seven-person chair pyramid in which two pairs of performers walk the wire, each supporting another aerielist on a pole. Those two aerialists, in turn, carry a pole upon which the seventh member of the troupe balances in a chair.

Wire walking danger is not unfamiliar to Nik Wallenda. The family patriarch and Nik’s great-grandfather Karl Wallenda fell to his death in 1978 while attempting to walk between two hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tonight the biggest challenge was the thick mist rising up from the water below Niagara Falls and pushed by a swirling wind, drenching the wire and causing visibility problems for Nik Wallenda. The water literally POURED off the wire as Nik carefully put one foot in front of another in what was termed “The Wet Zone”.

Congrats to Nik Wallenda on his historic walk across Niagara Falls… in a world where we have become jaded to the spectacular, this was truly an amazing thing to watch… All of us at Telephone Magic feel truly lucky to have our offices located just a short walk from this tremendous event.