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Telephone Magic YouTube Videos – "Telecom Tips"

Telephone Magic channel “Telecom Tips” series now includes some additional video posts:

Telecom Tips: How to Record Your Business Phone Calls
There is an easy way to record your business and personal phone conversations. Call recording is a great way to remind yourself about what was discussed and we focus on a handy USB call recording system which allows you to record calls to your PC in standard .wav format. You can easily organize and save these calls and listen to them or email the recordings to the other part as a reminder of what was discussed.

he Nortel M3900 series digital PBX phones for Meridian 1; Option PBX platform – 11C, 51C, 61C, 81C; and more recently the Nortel Avaya Communication Server 1000M when you wish to protect your digital phone investment when moving into the enterprise IP-PBX realm. Models include 3904 3903, 3902, 3901, 3905, Snap-in accessories include the Key Base Expansion Module and ATA.

Avaya 5400 series phones are a legacy digital phone series for the IP Office phone system platform. The stylish line consists of the Avaya 5402 entry level phone, the Avaya 5410 phone and the Avaya 5420 phone, along with the Avaya EU24 Expansion Module for use specifically with the 5420 and the Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply which powers the EU24 module.

Avaya 5600 series IP phones are a legacy VoIP phone series for the IP Office phone system platform. The stylish line consists of the Avaya 5601 non-display and 5602 entry level IP phones, the Avaya 5610 IP phone and the Avaya 5620 IP phone, along with the Avaya EU24 Expansion Module for use specifically with the 5620 and the Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply which is required to power each of the 5600 series phones as well as the EU24 module.

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#Telecom #News – June 27- July 6th, 2013

Wholesale Telecom Website Design Upgrades Promise More Visitor Engagement

July 03, 2013 — Telephone Magic website redesign to offer multiple ways to reach out and obtain up-to-the-minute quotes on phone systems, digital and IP phones, and telecom accessories from brands such as Avaya, Nortel, NEC, Cisco, Mitel, Aastra, Plantronics, Polycom, and more.

New Avaya 1400 Digital Phones Series Delivers Cost Effective Alternative for Small Business

July 02, 2013 — Telephone Magic now offers Avaya’s low-cost, feature-packed 1400 digital telephone line for business office telephony.

Nortel BCM 50 Proven All-In-One IP-Capable Small Business Phone System

July 01, 2013 — Telephone Magic is now offering Nortel BCM50 phone system products and its Avaya BCM 50 sister model for a two-tiered cost-effective way for small businesses to upgrade to IP-telephony for a reasonable investment.

Polycom SoundStation Duo Conference Phone Is “Future Friendly”

June 28, 2013 — The Polycom SoundStation Duo dual-mode analog/IP conference telephone provides exceptional deployment flexibility and, according to Telephone Magic, offers best-in-class investment protection.

Canadian Businesses Benefit From Wholesale .CA Telecom Portal

June 27, 2013 — Telephone Magic Inc. reaches five year milestone for providing Canadian customers with their own telecom portal to Avaya and Nortel phones, phone systems, expansion equipment, and voice mail, along with Plantronics phone headsets, Polycom conferencing telephones, long range wireless phones, hotel phones, and much more.

#Telecom #News – June 17-26, 2013

Telephone USB Message On Hold Player Cost-Effective for Business

June 26, 2013 — Telephone Magic now offers its own budget-oriented USB telephone on hold message player. Messages On Hold are easier than ever with new digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback.

Telephone Magic Now Offers a Vital VoIP Lifeline with Nortel 1100 IP Phones

June 25, 2013 — Nortel / Avaya 1100 IP telephones from Telephone Magic allow owners of IP-capable Nortel phone system to extend the life of their business telecom investment.

New Avaya 9600 IP Phones Represent The Leading Edge in VoIP Technology

June 24, 2013 — Avaya’s 9600 IP telephone series from Telephone Magic is a feature-packed VoIP phone line for offices that need to harness the freedom and networking capabilities of IP telephony.

Cisco IP Phone Volume Exceeds Expectations in Wholesale Online Marketplace

June 21, 2013 — Cisco Unified IP Phones offer the high-quality, reliable communications your business needs every day. Telephone Magic Inc. is experiencing substantial increases in sales of these IP telephones.

Mitel IP Phones Become a High Volume Seller in the Wholesale Marketplace

June 20, 2013 — Telephone Magic Inc. provides feature-rich Mitel IP phones at wholesale prices, for use with Mitel IP-PBX platforms.

New CS500-XD Wireless Phone Headsets from Plantronics Solve High Density Issue in Offices

June 19, 2013 — Plantronics’ new cordless phone headset series is the no-hassle solution at Telephone Magic for fitting more wireless headsets in the same office.

New Avaya 1600 IP Phones Series Delivers Cost Effective Alternative for Small Business VoIP

June 17, 2013 — Telephone Magic offers Avaya’s low-cost, feature-packed 1600 IP telephone line for offices that utilize IP telephony.

The Social Networking Phenomenon

Well I must admit to being somewhat taken aback here. This whole social networking thing is an Internet explosion of often highly interesting and/or voyeuristic content from millions (billions?) of everyday people like you and I. I thought the Facebook craze was amazing but in my opinion Twitter has taken everything to the next level with “What are you doing?” – LOL!

I never thought the day would come when you could literally jump into someone’s back pocket (virtually ANYONE’s) but it has come to pass. Is it scary? Hmmmm…. maybe a little, but it is also AMAZING by it’s nature, offering updates of people’s thoughts and activities though a web GUI or even more importantly (from a telecommunications standpoint) via your mobile phone.

People are literally offering up their thoughts on a myriad of topics (literally anything qualifies as content here!) and others around the world are connecting to and following that content on an on-going basis. Now you CAN control WHO follows your Twitter feed (if you wanted to create a private network) but what’s the fun in that? Don’t we all want to feel like we matter? Well at Twitter, you have a forum to become important (or at lease interesting) to as many people as you can attract via your “content”.

It’s a crazy world we live in… (and now I have to go buy a BlackBerry!) 😉