An Introduction

Hello World!

Funny – talking about telecommunications stuff and despite being a “non-programmer”, I start the posts with the most basic program name ever…

Anyway, Hi. My name’s Mark Kawabe and I am working at Telephone Magic Inc. in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. My job? Probably not to be blogging ; )

Actually, my job here is internet marketing which includes search engine optimization and of course, keeping the website updated with new products. I don’t have a telecom background or any particular training, which means that every day, I’m learning something new about something telecom related. Whether it’s a new wireless handset, Bluetooth headset, voice over IP or some other neat technology, I’m discovering more cool things that are available to the business and general public. That’s why I named this blog “Telecommunications Discoveries”. Because I’m making discoveries every day. Frankly, I’m really impressed by what’s available. So many different manufacturers doing so many neat things with technology that’s supposed to make our lives easier.

Okay – I don’t believe for a moment about technology making our lives easier in the bigger sense (i.e. I’m only working 4 hours a week but getting paid for 40 and having a wonderful life because of technology). But, I do think that the potential is there for technology to make a difference. Things like wireless headsets for mobile phones. I like those, mainly because I hate holding a headset while driving (yes, I know, I should pull over but hey, it’s not like you’ve NEVER talked on the phone while driving). I like headsets in general (mainly because sitting at a computer most of the time, I have enough neck strain thank-you-very-much). I think VoIP is cool. Maybe it’s just a guy thing – more high-tech toys. Who knows.

There’s nowhere on the Telephone Magic website to just put my observations about these products now, and at present, the owner doesn’t even know I’m doing this…though he will shortly. So, I thought I’d start a blog talking about the things I’ve learned while working here.

I’m a telecommunications newbie and I figure a lot of other people are as well. So, I’ll be trying to talk about things in telecom that I don’t think enough people use. My opinions only, of course. Just because I have to tell the boss about this thing doesn’t mean I want it to become a complete corporate manifesto.

So there you have it. The first entry in what will hopefully be a fun blog for people to read. Any feedback or questions are welcome.

Thanks for visiting!

Best Regards,

Mark Kawabe

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